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Safety Share

Safety Share Program

We don't have a safety director

We will assign you a safety director.

We don't have a full time safety director or can't afford one

Our safety director works for you part-time (you decide how often).

We have a person assigned as safety director but they are not trained or qualified and not sure what needs to get done

We would work with your safety director to develop a plan, then help execute.

We worry about OSHA compliance

We will help you identify regulatory requirements, develop a plan, and help execute that plan.

We don't have time, skills, or knowledge to do safety inspections, audits, training, accident investigations, sub-contractor pre qualifications, or hazmat and MDSD's

We will do all that for you.

Plan of Action

  1. Meet and greet to discuss goals and objectives with management team
  2. Inspect facility and operations
  3. Develop written Safety Program I2P2 (injury illness prevention program)
  4. Develop an annual schedule
  5. Initiate monthly inspections, training, and record keeping
  6. Continue ongoing safety and health
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